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Affordable baby proofing services

We at Baby Proofing Guys are very pleased to offer affordable services to our clients. We know that many parents are at a tight budget since the baby needs are more, but we ensure that we give you affordable services. We have tailor made packages that we offer our clients. If you need services of baby proofing company, then give us a call on 888-359-5560 and we will ensure that we offer you quality for your money. We will discuss your budget and see what we can offer you baby proofing for your home.


Faster services

We boast of quicker services. We have a turn around time of forty eight hours and within those hours we ensure that we have done complete baby proofing fixing and installation. At Baby Proofing Guys, we have a team of qualified employees who ensure that we keep time since they know that the safety of your baby relies on them. We also have equipments that assist us with baby proofing your home thus making us work faster and within the shortest time frame. We assure you of quality within the shortest time possible.


Exceptional customer service

We have the best and exceptional customer services. Our employees working in the field and those working in the offices will ensure that you are served and treated as a king. Our motto that we believe in is that we should serve our clients in the same way we would love to be served. Pay us a visit or call us on 888-359-5560 and our customer service employee will be there to listen to you and offer you the way forward when it comes to baby proofing your home.

For these and any other such services, please contact Baby Proofing Guys on 888-359-5560.

Baby Proofing

* Window fixtures

At Baby Proofing Guys, we will put some dividers on your windows. Most of the windows are built open and that can be very dangerous for the baby as they start to explore.You windows should be divided in such a way that your baby will be safe even if he or she decided to explore. The window knobs should be baby proofed to ensure that they wont be able to open no matter how hard they try. Give us a call on 888-359-5560 and you will never regret.

* Doors and gates

We have unique doors and gates where you can open the outer door and leave the inner door closed in order bring in some fresh air. Our doors are designed in such away that you baby will not be able to open them even if he pushes. We also ensure the doors are eco system friendly. The outer door is strong enough to be secured at night. The kind of gates that we build along your compound is secured and your baby will not be able to open them. The locking knobs for both the doors and the gates are well secured.

* Cup boards and kitchen drawers

Kitchen is the most dangerous place for a baby. We ensure that we fix for you cup boards and kitchen drawers in such away that the baby cannot open and where you can hide all your dangerous weapons like knives. Give us a call today on 888-359-5560 if you want to baby proof your kitchen.

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