Baby Proofing in Chitina, AK


Eco system friendly services

We at Baby Proofing Guys are proud to offer eco system friendly services that are not only suitable for your homes but also fro your surroundings. We ensure that the kind of materials that we use when it comes to installing your Baby Proofing devices is of high quality and it is eco friendly. All our work is done in such a way that we ensure we do not pollute your environment and that is the reason we offer eco system friendly services. We at Baby Proofing Guys boast to be the only business at Chitina, AK to offer eco friendly services when it comes to Baby Proofing your home.


Certified baby proofing installers

We are proud to be one of the certified Baby Proofing installers in Chitina, AK.Since we are fully certified to offer the Baby Proofing services you have nothing to worry when you choose us to be the ones to offer Baby Proofing services. We also have employees who are certified to offer Baby Proofing installation services all over Chitina, AK.


Warranty for the baby proofing services offered

We have many years of experience when dealing with Baby Proofing services and that is why we offer warranty. We offer warranty for one year for some services and others we offer more than one year. Our services are guaranteed to be the best and that is the reason why we offer warranty. Incase during the warranty period any of our services and installation we did in your home becomes faulty just phone us on 888-359-5560 and we will ensure we fix the problem.

Customers can reach us on 888-359-5560 for more information.

Baby Proofing in Chitina, AK

* Nursery room baby proofing services

Nursery room is the most important part for your baby and that is where your baby spends most of the time. At Baby Proofing Guys we ensure that your nursery room is free from any hazard that might be harmful for your baby. We ensure that the room is free from lead found in paints. In case we sense any lead in the paint used we remove and repaint the room again. We check if the nursery room is well ventilated and free form toxic like the carbon monoxide. Some rooms can be dumpy and we have unique equipment that will enable us to check if your baby nursery room is dumpy.

* Cabinets and drawers.

Some of the baby cribs have inbuilt cabinets and drawers, we will secure the cabinets and drawers with locks. As your baby grows big he starts experimenting on things that are near him that is the reason why you should ensure that all the cabinets and drawers that are in the baby rooms are well locked. At Baby Proofing Guys, we have locks and knobs that your baby cannot be able to open. We also make sure they are located in a place where they are well fixed to prevent them from falling once the baby pulls them. We use drawer fixer to permanently fix them in a certain place.

* Baby proofing window with multi locker

It is important to have window multi locker for your baby room. If you need one fixed for your Baby Proofing you can contact us at 888-359-5560 and we will ensure we fix it for you with the best and eco friendly materials.

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